【CHOK 专访】 Tanya Huang: 为创新思想的人而设计的 “纽结理论”

Tanya Huang

Tanya Huang

采访日期: 2014年05月22日

在加拿大长大的华裔女设计师 Tanya Huang 一手创办了 Knot Theory,挑战了传统单一造型的普通领结,使得那方寸之间的点缀由于可以自行搭配而变得极富创造力。


ChokStick: Tell us about yourself, where you are from, your favorite music band, the craziest thing you’ve done before?

Tanya : Hi everyone! My name is Tanya Huang. I was made in Taiwan, assembled in Canada. I was a software engineer, then one day turned into a fashion designer and founded Knot Theory Fashion House. Craziest things I’ve done? Let’s see…I have jumped off high cliffs and airplanes, but I’d say the most shocking thing I’ve done was revealing to the world that I’m hair-challenged – can’t grow hair on my head or body! I have alopecia, an autoimmune condition where my body rejects my hair.

ChokStick: 关于品牌创始人

Tanya : 大家好!我叫 Tanya Huang。我是台湾制造,加拿大组装。我曾经是一个软件工程师,后来转职成了一名设计师,创建了 Knot Theory。要说我做过最疯狂的事情?等我想想。。。我跳过飞机也跳过崖,但是要说我做过最令人震惊的事,我想是告诉全世界我的秃头症,由于自身免疫系统对毛发有抗性,我的头上甚至是身体上是不会生长毛发的。

ChokStick: Tell us about your brand, and the philosophy behind it.

Tanya : Knot Theory dedicates to designing eye-catching bow ties and neckties for the creative minds. Creative minds are attracted to new experiences, and are repelled by the idea of blending in. For me, this description has been my attitude towards fashion. Turns out it is my philosophy for life too.

ChokStick: 关于设计理念

Tanya : Knot Theory 专注于设计能吸引有创新思想的人的超骚的领结和领带。有创新思想的人通常会被新鲜事物所吸引并且拒绝随大流。对我来说,这就是我对于时尚的态度,也是我的生活理念。



ChokStick: Why do you think you are cut out to be a designer?

Tanya : Hmmm…I’ve never asked myself this. You just design it, make it real, and spread the word! If you can follow through with all of the above and people want the product you designed, then you are cut out to be a designer.

ChokStick: 关于天赋

Tanya : 嗯。。我从没想过这个问题。我觉得就是去设计,把你的想法做出来,然后告诉所有人!如果你能照着这几个步骤做了,大家也喜欢你的设计,那么你就适合做一个设计师。


ChokStick: where does your inspiration and creativity come from?

Tanya : I think everything we see, feel, and experience in anyway, are tucked away like ornaments on a Xmas tree. Sometimes random things fall off the trees and hit you on the head and you have an Aha moment. I guess my inspiration and creativity come from gathering a lot of ornaments and sleeping under the tree often.

ChokStick: 关于灵感来源

Tanya : 任何我们所观,所感,所经历的都事物就像藏在圣诞树上的装饰品。有时候不经意间从树上滑落的任何东西都有可能让你醍醐灌顶。我觉得我的灵感和创意来自于收集所有树上滑落的灵感和经常睡在这颗灵感的圣诞树下。


ChokStick: What makes you decide to become a designer?

Tanya : I love creating! Creating something from nothing – this is the most awesome feeling.

ChokStick: 关于源动力

Tanya : 我喜欢创造!因为能从无到有的创新是一种很给力的感觉。

ChokStick: Does your family support your design career?

Tanya : I love how cool my parents are! My mom and dad support whatever I choose to do and have confidence in what I do. I know it’s not typical for Asian parents…but my parents are anything but typical!

ChokStick: 关于家庭

Tanya : 我的爸妈超酷,我老妈和老爸无条件支持并且对我选择的道路充满信心。我知道典型的亚洲父母大概不是这个样子,但是我的父母就是有那么一点非典型。

ChokStick: Are you happy with your current status? What do you think you are still missing?

Tanya : Through the support of our fans, Knot Theory has established a good reputation worldwide. We’ve enjoyed a great presence with GQ UK magazine mentions, successful Kickstarter campaigns, and meaningful charity work. In the near future I want to expand Knot Theory to offer an even bigger bow tie selection as well as complementary products.

ChokStick: 关于现状

Tanya : 通过粉丝们的支持,Knot Theory 在全世界建立了良好的声誉。我们很满意 Knot Theory 在 GQ UK 中被提及过,在 Kickstarter(一个专为具有创意方案的企业筹资的众筹网站平台)成功募集资金,并且做过很多慈善活动。在不远的将来,我想我会扩张Knot Theory的产品线,提供更多的选择和更完善的领带和领结。


ChokStick: Life is always ups and downs. Have you ever thought of giving it up? how was the worst moment?

Tanya : I was disappointed when Dragons’ Den didn’t air my segment, even though Knot Theory got the nod from all five dragons! As a result I decided to put that aside and visit Shanghai; it’s the upcoming new New York in my opinion! I definitely expanded my horizon as a designer and as a person during the 5-month trip! Sometimes you hit a road block – it happens and it’s ok. Take a different path because there’s more than one way to reach your destination, and you often encounter even more crazy awesome things!

ChokStick: 关于品牌历程的起伏

Tanya : 我很失望 Knot Theory 参加了一档商业投资真人秀节目 Dragons’ Den,即便我们从过许多参赛者中脱引而出,却最终没有拿到投资。于是我决定把这些烦恼先放一放,去上海感受一下,因为我觉得上海未来将成为新的纽约,作为一个设计师我需要利用好这五个月,拓宽我的视野,寻找一下灵感。我觉得当你的人生道路上遇到了阻碍的时候,应该去坦然面对,世界上有无数条道路都通往你的目的地,为何不去尝试一下?难说在新的道路上你会有更疯狂的想法呢!



ChokStick: I know you’ve been doing design for some time, is there any moment you feel that you are the happiest person in the world? What makes you believe that you are going to keep doing this?

Tanya : I’m in a different world when I design and it’s an amazing feeling! And this is only ONE aspect about being a designer! I have got the opportunity to do so many things I never would’ve otherwise – photoshoots, fashion shows, TV appearances, charity events. I’ve met so many amazing people from all walks of life, collaborated with the coolest brands, and raised awareness for alopecia. That last one was the most unexpected and life-changing for me. The love for design brought me in, but the eventful living and the opportunity to make a difference made me want to keep doing more.

ChokStick: 关于创造的快乐和对品牌的执着

Tanya : 在设计的时候我仿佛身处一个不同的世界,这是一种奇妙的状态。我觉得这也是设计师的一个特性,能学到很多之前没有接触过的东西:摄影,时装秀,电视节目,慈善活动。我遇到了很多很厉害的人,和很多很酷的品牌合作,也让跟多的人了解到了秃头症。对于设计的喜爱让我开始了设计,但是各种坎坷的经历和际遇才是让我坚持下来的动力。

ChokStick: One designer creates designs for the market, the other creates them for her dream. Which one are you? How do you see the balance between the two? 

Tanya : When I first founded Knot Theory, I presented the craziest and sexiest ideas for neckties and the brand. They scared a lot of people, but they also created loyal fans and attracted lots of media attention. Since then we’ve widen the spectrum to appeal to all kinds of personalities: the wild, the classic, and anyone in between. I do believe that the best designers are the ones who create artwork that resonate with people. The core message of our brand is still the same: We design for the creative minds.

ChokStick: 关于对设计的态度

Tanya : 在我最初创建 Knot Theory 的时候,我设计过非常疯狂,性感的领带,有很多人都被我的设计吓到了,但是也有一部分人被吸引到了,还成为了我们的忠实粉丝。自那以后我们开始拓宽我们的设计风格:有狂野的,有经典的等等不同风格。我相信最好的设计师是设计出能与人们产生共鸣的艺术品,我们 Knot Theory 的核心依旧是:为有创新思想的人而设计。


ChokStick: Chokstick.com as a designer discovery platform, what do you expect us to do for designers? Do you have any suggestion for us? 

Tanya : I think Chokstick is a great idea! I think you’ve established a very reputable site, through which your visitors will love discovering designers and trust your picks! No suggestions at the moment. If I think of any I’ll definitely let you know!

ChokStick: 关于 ChokStick

Tanya : 我觉得 ChokStick 是一个超酷的 idea!你们建立了很好的声誉,所以大家会很喜欢发现不同的设计师,也绝对相信你们精挑细选出来的设计!

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