【CHOK 专访】Simon Delart: 将英雄梦化成创作力

Simon Delart

Simon Delart

采访日期: 2014年08月22日

蝙蝠侠、超人这样超级英雄在男孩心中都占有很重的份量,而在法国自由插画师 Simon Delart 心中,这些英雄角色给予他的,是梦想的力量。如今,他以特殊的三角形绘画手法,重塑这些超级英雄电影系列的海报,向他心中的英雄们致敬。

Adobe Photoshop PDF

Adobe Photoshop PDF

ChokStick: Tell us about yourself, your studio, where are you from, your favorite movie or music band, the craziest thing you’ve done before?

Simon : My name is Simon, i’m an illustrator and graphic designer in Paris. I work as a freelance illustrator and I’m also art director in Art Gallery here, in Paris.

I’ve always been passionate by movie posters and mostly those realized by Drew Struzan. It fascinated me when I was a child, I remember the Indiana Jones posters or Back to the Future one. So this interest mixed with my passion of comic books and animated series made a solid base for my wish to become an artist. I like working in music, generally I choose an album that fit with the theme of my work. I’m a huge fan of movie soundtrack and composers like Clint Mansell, John Williams, Hans Zimmer and oh, the work of Ramin Djawadi is amazing. It’s hard to pick a favorite movie, right now I’m in a nostalgic mood of action films, so Last Action Hero.

ChokStick: 关于设计师本人

Simon : 我现居巴黎,是一枚自由插画师兼平面设计师,同时我也是巴黎艺术画廊的插画师和艺术总监。电影海报总能使我有无限的激情,尤其是 Drew Struzan 创作的海报,我从孩童时旧很崇拜他的作品,还记得《夺宝奇兵》和《回到未来》,我当时激动了好一阵子。这强烈的兴趣加上我对动漫系列的痴迷,是驱使我成为一名画家的动力和基础。

我喜欢在音乐中工作,通常我会选一张跟我工作主题很搭的音乐专辑来听。我也是电影原声唱片的铁杆粉,像 Clint Mansell, John Williams, Hans Zimmer 等大师所创作的作品都是我的爱,还有 Ramin Djawadi 的音乐作品,简直是神作。最爱的电影?这太难选了,只能说我现在对动作片有一种怀旧的情怀,所以真的要选的话,就是《幻影英雄》吧。

夺宝奇兵 by Drew Struzan

夺宝奇兵 by Drew Struzan

哈利波特 by Drew Struzan

哈利波特 by Drew Struzan

ChokStick: Tell us about your design concept and the story behind it.

Simon : I started my work creating minimalist posters. But, everybody was doing that, and I try to find another way. So I start making pictures only with triangles, drawing those one by one. At this time I didn’t know about what we called “low poly”. Low Poly consist in realizing pictures using only polygones. Today I continue to use triangles because I like the way to compose an image choosing to give it an abstract look, or an realistic one.

ChokStick: 关于设计理念

Simon : 我是从创作极简抽象的海报开始投入设计事业的。但我发觉每个人都在做一样的事,我想尝试找些与众不同的方法。于是,我开始用三角形的画法来创作,一张一张地画下来。那时我还不懂什么叫 Low Poly,Low Poly 就是坚持只用多边形来画画。直到如今,我仍然继续用三角形来画,因为这样画出来的图像,我可以使它极其抽象或者画成很现实的感觉,我喜欢这种方法。

Jurassic Park


Star Wars IV

ChokStick: Where does your inspiration and creativity come from except from movies and games?

Simon : Except from movie and games ? hum… The entire pop culture. I grow up in the 80’s and 90’s, with icons like Batman, Superman, or actors like Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Russell… I read a lot of european comic books like Tintin (by Hergé) or Astérix (by Uderzo). All those figures built my universe. And today with my art, I can give to them an homage.

ChokStick: 关于灵感来源

Simon : 除了从电影和游戏获得创作灵感,其实整个流行文化都是我创作的灵感来源。我成长于 80、90 年代,被蝙蝠侠、超人,或史泰龙、阿诺、罗素等英雄形象重重包围,而且我还特别喜欢看欧洲漫画书,比如《丁丁历险记》《阿斯泰利克斯历险记》之类的。这些英雄角色构成了我的宇宙,如今我希望通过我的创作向他们致敬。

ChokStick: Why do you love the super hero series so much? If you can become a super hero, which one do you want be?

Simon: I Love Super Hero because, they allow me to dream when I was a kid. Today, it is a bit the same, but I’m more interested in what they represent. If I could become a super hero, I would like to be Batman. My favorite.

ChokStick: 关于超级英雄

Simon: 我喜欢超级英雄,因为在我小时候,他们给予了我梦想的力量。今天,这股力量仍旧存在,而我则对超级英雄背后所代表的勇气与力量更感兴趣了。如果我可以成为一个超级英雄,首选当然是蝙蝠侠——我的最爱!

Captain America



ChokStick: Tell us about your latest project. Is there anything new you’d like to try in the next 3 years?

Simon: Actually I work with a collective, the “Poster Posse”, created by a fantastic man, Don Thompson (blurppy.com). We are a big bunch a passionate about posters, movies and comics! Every month we work together to promote a upcoming movie. There is some great artists coming all around the world in it, like Matt Ferguson, Patrick Conan, Salvador Anguiano, Robert Bruno and more! In the next 3 years, I’d like to be a part of a huge exhibition with all those great artists of the Poster Posse.

ChokStick: 关于新近创作和未来打算

Simon: 我作为 “Poster Posse” 的一员(Poster Posse 由 Don Thompson 创办,大伙都对海报、电影和漫画有着浓厚兴趣和热情),每个月我们都会一起推广一部即将上映的电影。我们的成员来自五湖四海,Matt Ferguson, Patrick Conan, Salvador Anguiano, Robert Bruno 等艺术家都是我的小伙伴。接下来的几年,我打算和 Poster Posse 的艺术家伙伴们一起参与一个大型展览。

Rocket Racoon


ChokStick: Did you have an “Aha!” moment when you realized that art was something you could do for a living? Life is always ups and downs. Have you ever thought of giving it up? What has been the biggest risk you’ve taken to move forward?

Simon: Not a “Aha”, more a YESSSSSS! Finally! It’s not easy every day, and when you start a job like this you have to be confident and to trust in your work. Listening your family and friends an talk to them about your project is very important too. But all this, is not a “work” for me, it’s my passion.

The biggest risk… hum try to speak english correctly? :)

ChokStick: 关于人生中高潮和低谷

Simon: 我的创作带给我的不是那种惊喜的感觉,更多的是一种成就感。生活不易,尤其当你展开了一项工作,你就必须告诉自己“我可以做到的”并且相信自己。这个时候,跟身边亲人朋友的交流变得十分重要,我会聆听他们的意见,也把自己的想法告诉他们。然而,所有的困难其实都不值一提,因为这对于我来说并不是“工作”,而是让我激情无限的梦想。所以,这世上没什么大不了的风浪,对我来说最大的难处或许就是正确地英文发音了,哈哈。

ChokStick: What is your typical day look like?

Simon: In typical day, I wake at 8 am, I’m going to work at the gallery, then I go back home, make a big dinner, and begin my second job, the freelance one. And when I have the time, I go to the cinema or play video games with friends.

ChokStick: 关于日常生活

Simon: 8点起床,回画廊工作,然后回家做一顿丰盛的晚餐,接着,就开始我的“第二生命”——自由插画的创作。有空余时间的话,我会去看电影,或者约朋友打游戏。

work space bw

ChokStick: What are your favorite quotes that motivate you all the time?

Simon: Hum… I like the quote of Walt Dinsey: “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

ChokStick: 关于励志名言

Simon: 我最喜欢华特迪士尼说的一句话:“有梦者,事竟成。”

ChokStick: What advice would you give to a young person, or anyone, starting out in art?

Simon: Listen and observe to others, take your time to find your way, and then don’t let it go.

ChokStick: 给其他艺术创作者的建议

Simon: 聆听、观察,耐心地找到适合自己的创作方式,然后狠狠扯住别放手。

All images © Simon Delart


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